Bamboo Fish Mango Tangerine Instant Hand Cleanser 8 oz.

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Scented with juicy mango tangerine, our instant hand cleanser is a multitasking superhero: It fights germs, gets you sparkling clean and gives you a little aromatic lift, right when you need it. Refreshing!


  • Bursting with our optimistic, juicy Mango Tangerine scent.
  • Packed full of organic botanicals, including Green Tea Leaf and aloe to soften and moisturize skin.
  • No parabens or Triclosan — just plenty of germ-fighting power!
  • Biodegradable / Hypoallergenic / Cruelty-free

Reviews for Bamboo Fish Mango Tangerine Instant Hand Cleanser 8 oz.

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Great Sanitizer and Paired Lotion Review by
I love the Mango Tangerine hand sanitizer and lotion. I work at a hospital and it is great to use the sanitizer as it does not dry out your skin. (Posted on )
Silky Soft Hand Shake Review by
I love the smell and feel of the hand cleanser and since I'm shaking people's hands all day long, I use a lot of it. It makes my hands soft and silky and I think people feel that when they shake my hand. (Posted on )
Keeping Germs Away Review by
Being an elementary school teacher I come in contact with lots of germs. Your hand sanitizer is the best way for me to keep my hand clean without drying them out. Thanks! (Posted on )
Pleasantly Surprised Review by
I was pleasantly surprised by the light citrus scent of the Fish Mango Tangerine Hand Cleanser. Often, antibacterial cleansers smell strongly of alcohol, this one didn't. Also, the design on the bottle is very attractive. I will be back for more. (Posted on )

4 Review(s)

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