Instant Hand Cleanser

No water. No soap. Totally clean.

Instant Hand Cleanser

Look Ma, no water or soap! Dolce Mia’s magical, natural hand sanitizer cleans like a dream (and smells great, too). Our cleanser contains aloe, for moisturizing and organic botanicals to nourish and soothe skin. The result: sanitized hands that are soft, moisturized, and smell great.

  • Noticeably moisturizing; packed with aloe and organic botanicals.
  • Dries down quickly, leaving hands soft and smelling great.
  • Just enough alcohol content to be effective without parching skin.
  • Paraben-free.

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Paradise Floral Tuberose Instant Hand Cleanser 8 oz.

Scented with our heady Tuberose, our instant hand cleanser is a multitasking superhero: It fights germs, gets you sparkling clean and gives you a little aromatic lift, right when you need it. Refreshing! Learn More

Instant Hand Cleanser

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