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Tropical Citrus Soap Bar Super Set Refill

Our tropical citrus soap bars are infused with shea butter and glycerin for an ultra-moisturizing experience. Consider tropical citrus to be the after-effects of a day at the beach: sunwarmed shoulders, a little mai tai buzz and surf wax. Learn More

Tropical Citrus Liquid Soap 32 oz. Refill

Our all-natural Castile liquid soap cleans, refreshes and moisturizes all skin types, thanks to gentle-but-effective olive and coconut oils and a centuries-old formulation. A sensual treat at the sink, our beautifully designed liquid soap transforms a humdrum task to a happy-place getaway. Learn More

Tropical Citrus Conditioner 32 oz. Refill

With a citrus-coconut scent reminiscent of our favorite surf wax, our tropical citrus conditioner brings you back to your favorite beach vacation while delivering shine, moisture and strength to your hair. Learn More

Tropical Citrus Lotion 32 oz. Refill

Our natural shea butter lotion delivers the ultimate moisture experience, sinking in deep and staying put, even after washing your hands. Organic botanicals nourish and improve your skin’s texture and tone. Learn More


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