Finding religion AC (After Costco)

Jan 26, 2016 11:34:47 AM

Back in the '80's, long before Costco started selling coffins, when tires could be found in stacks in the middle of the warehouse, my father gave me his funeral instructions - “I want my ashes spread in the tire aisle of Costco.”

At the time, I found this a perfect testament to his love for the discount warehouse and to the amount of time he spent there. He was joking, of course, but there was that kernel of truth that made clear our family's devotion to the shrine of the warehouse full of deals. Some might say that Costco was our religion.

So you can imagine how thrilled I was to embark on what turned out to be almost 3 years of Costco roadshows. Dolce Mia’s partnership with Costco spread the love, and the lotion, over thousands of shoppers who were fellow worshippers of quality products at discount pricing. We developed a large, passionate following. To this day we are asked when we’ll be back at the local Costco.

The answer is that we are no longer doing Costco roadshows... but the good news is that we have lots of product for our Costco shoppers, at prices that feel good — it’s like going to Costco, but without the lines, the freezing produce room and the hot dogs. We are able to offer a better selection too — 8 fragrances instead of 4 – such as creamy Vanilla lotion and Ambery Lavender liquid soap.

For a limited time, we are offering our Costco customers a discount, so that you feel at home, our native language being getting a deal. Shop away, just as you would at Costco, and fill your cart...or your orange pallet. At check out enter code DEAL16 into the promo box and receive 20% off on your entire purchase….all this without needing to scour the Costco lot for a parking place, without finding yourself taking home the ice cream you didn't really want, and without having to spend the 20 minutes it takes to break down and recycle all the giant lettuce boxes you used to bring your booty home! Offer good through February 14th..

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