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Feb 24, 2016 7:58:15 AM


Could it be all the vintage valentines I have been playing with lately? Whatever the reason, I find that my creativity tank is full and I am ready to rumble. Exciting, because sometimes my tank is running on fumes. What gets me in the maker mood is somewhat of a mystery. Yes, it is the obvious things, like gorgeous patterns, or coming across the perfect vintage happy hippo on a birthday card from the 50's. Those types of things get my blood moving, alert my neurons, spark my synapses. I imagine that this is why some people do Zumba. I don't really exercise regularly in the way that some of my friends do. I get my runners high from thumbing through vintage greeting cards, listening to 70's soul and petting sheep – more of a sheep petters high, I guess. As much as a colorful 60's Pucci pattern gets me going, it is sheep-petting that puts the oomph in my creative tank.

Pumpkin fur fix

In another lifetime, I got my Masters degree in curriculum development from Stanford – tons of “thinkers” there including Rodin's bronze Thinker. It was a think tank beyond anything I had ever experienced. My brain hurts now even thinking about it. My focus was on art education, in particular art museum education. How could art museum visitors get more of a lasting, deep and fun experience, like the kind we get at science museums, with all the bells and whistles and involvement with the exhibits? My answer was to create a hands on, multi-sensory experience for the art museum visitor. I thought of all kinds interactive exhibit models. I used the term “multi-sensory experience” so much that Alex begged me to find another jargon equivalent. I bring this up because I am a firm believer that all senses are needed to gain creative inspiration. Sure, there can be a flicker with a visual that catches the eye, but really, for me, I need a multi-sensory experience (sorry Alex).

This is my way of saying that petting sheep and listening to Stevie Wonder are together my muse. I am not a monogamous muse kind of gal – I believe that there are muses everywhere, in all forms. Each person has unique muses that can spark creativity. Finding your muse/s and making sure that you maintain your muse relationship is key. I have some pretty random muses. No doubt so do you.

Hamlet connection

As I start the new year (yes, I am starting it here in February) with my creative tank on Full, I hope to take advantage of the moment. Perhaps a new design is about to be born....I have been looking back at some of my most inspired designs, the ones with a story, sourced from something special and unique. On the Dolce Mia website, I have put together a page of my design picks that were born from my most cherished muses. I plan to do a significant amount of sheep-petting and pattern-perusal while my creativity is in burst mode. When I am back from the pasture, I hope to have a few new designs. Stay tuned!

In the meantime be on the lookout for your own muse. They're out there. You may find them disguised, as I do, as the ordinary things you to make you happy.

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