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Dec 12, 2015 10:09:00 PM

Holiday gift trio

‘Tis the season to save! Now through December 31st, we’re offering a gift with purchase: Buy two 12-oz liquid soaps or lotions, and get a free instant hand sanitizer!
To that end, I wanted to be sure you knew just how many people you can please this season. Check out a few of our favorite indulgences, and who would love them best!
Clean up your act. Get naked.

For the Jetsetter

As we like to say: Take the sweet life everywhere! Run away to paradise or ensure paradise is always with you! Our well-appointed travel companions include ultra-rich shampoo and conditioner, body wash, lotion, and bar of soap in a favorite scent for the ultimate getaway. Love the tropics? We must recommend our Tropical Citrus travel companion: bursting with ripe, juicy scent, you’ll smell good enough to eat! Breezily pass through TSA with travel-friendly sizing, and always locate the product you need with our handy-dandy clear, resealable packaging. Best part: Indulge worldwide for less than $25. Wheels up!

For the Cowboy

Here’s a gift horse he won’t look in the mouth! Give him a little taste of the Wild West lifestyle with our unisex Terra Verbena scent. Herbaceous and woodsy, with a hint of leather, this one really is a barnburner! Of course we recommend Jenny’s adorable Terra designs, which include a decorative barn star or cowboy for extra style points. Oh, and there’s a nice bonus gift for the giver: You’ll go absolutely crazy for the lingering scent.
Pictured here is our 12-oz. liquid soap, bar soap, and a ¼-oz. lotion, bringing your gift total to $27.25.


For the Siren

The only thing that gets between her and her thigh-highs is tuberose. This heady, wildly floral scent is so sweetly seductive, it becomes part of the ensemble. (Maybe it’s the only thing she wears to bed.) There’s a reason why tuberose flies off our shelves—it’s drop-dead gorgeous. Our pin-ups that adorn the packaging radiate heat, and our Winter Pin-up liquid soap is exceptional for seasonal giving. But come to think of it, we recommend a full suite of flowers—from bar soap to the aforementioned liquid soap, lotion, shampoo and conditioner, and instant hand cleanser. You could buy just one, but doesn’t she deserve a lot more? Think about what you might get in return. . . Price variable! Go big or go home.

For the Snuggler

Does she love cashmere? Bubble baths? Getting tucked into bed? Ambery Lavender is her scent! Wrap her in warmth and sheer sexiness with shea butter and organic botanicals. Suds up and smooth it out with our liquid soap and lotion, all wrapped up in a gorgeous, decadent design done by Jenny. (And then pick up the free instant hand cleanser.


For the Gourmet

Odds are, the gourmet is hosting you these holidays. Return the love by showing up with a hostess gift.

Warm and soothing scents of vanilla and almond are as welcome in the kitchen as they are on the skin. For your favorite pastry chef, there is vanilla bar soap. We’ve heard tell vanilla is the most powerful aphrodisiac. . . talk about merry!

And almond bar soap—it’s nutty, but with a sweet finish of maraschino cherry. The beautiful peacock packaging on the almond makes it as nice to look at as it is to wear. And there’s nothing wrong with smelling a little bit edible…


For the Adventure-Seeker

Some people are always up for something new and extreme. Capitalize on that spirit with gifts from our Tropical Citrus line, the scent of those sexy go-with-the-flow, Type-B surfers. We recommend our radical surfer boy or surfer girl liquid and bar soap paired with ultra-moisturizing lotion, because they have just the right amount of that happy-go-lucky ’tude, dudes. Don’t forget to scoop up the free Instant Hand Cleanser!


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