The Belle of the Ball, Our New!

Dec 6, 2015 11:20:55 PM


I am late in the game when it comes to princess-loving fairy tales. I knew the basics of the popular tales having watched the originals of the Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty classics, yet growing up with brothers there were more frogs than princes. I mean this quite literally.

Our playtime characters leaned more towards GI Joe as we “survived” the dangers of rural Santa Barbara, playing outside in perfect weather year round. When I became a mom, I had two boys of my own and missed the whole girl-princess-obsession, meaning the utter fascination with pink gowns and plastic high heels. But now, as our new website launches, I have that feeling a girl gets when she is finally a princess and after a day of bitchy stepsisters and scullery scrubbing the toilets.

That feeling when she is at the ball, having been delivered there by mice in fancy coats with gold epaulettes. And her appearance has been so transformed, so beautified, that she can hardly believe it. I’m totally like that princess right now and I’m basking in it, every dang second of it!

We are thrilled to have completely overhauled our website to better serve our loyal kingdom in ways that go beyond the gown and glass slippers. We worked hard to implement all of your feedback and input, with better photography and an improved navigation to make it much more user friendly. Our reviews will be populating again shortly, and I love reading each and every one: And thank goodness, it’s much easier now to leave a review! There are more improvements coming soon, including me writing to you more about my blessed life in Sonoma, my sheep, new products and projects I’m working on, and a lot more. I’m going to be very busy!

So, this the coming out party from the old to the new. Our site design and product photos have done our product justice with no traces of cinders and sisters, making a grand entrance for the world to see, the beauty revealed and delivered to you (sans the bedazzled pumpkin and mice).

As always, we love your feedback. Drop us a line here (on our newly updated contact page, yippee!)

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