Valentine's served up sweet or scary

Feb 7, 2016 9:59:11 AM


Vintage Valentine cards are my absolute favorite source for excellent retro imagery. I'm pretty sure that every possible genre and idea has been expressed in the form of a Valentine's day card. How some creator came up with pickles or skunks to deliver sweet sentiments is beyond me, but I love the artists for thinking outside of the box. The food-centered vintage Valentines are some of my most cherished. Yet I am oddly attracted to what I call the scary, or creepy, Valentine's as well -- I can't help myself.

I have set out to narrow the field in order to give some fine examples of what I am drawn to...and also what repels me. There are zillions to choose from -- entire blogs devoted to vintage Valentines -- but since this is my blog, you all get to see things through my eyes...which you know will include adorable lamb Valentines!

I will start with cute and work up to weird, and perhaps end with downright creepy. I plan to make a stop at scary, too. At any time, feel free to stare at the sweet lamb with a bow in order to get rid of the freaky kid with crazy eyes and a gun image that is burned into your retinas!

For more vintage valentines, I recommend exploring Pinterest with a general search, and from there narrow it down – or not. Be prepared to be sucked into a black hole of punny endearments and anthropomorphized animals , foods and household items.

If you are looking for sweet Dolce Mia items that were born from the vintage valentine, click here – cute and on sale to boot.

Ewe knew I would have little lambs as my front runner – lambs in bows, lambs that read, lambs eating jam!

Cute Animals

Girls playing dress up – helping me figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

Grown up Girls

Scary but cute.

Cute and Scary

Random foods make for a clever and stand out Valentine message. Who knew that eggs could blush?


What is with the eyes? In other words, how can a lamb look scary? Quite the passive aggressive approach to love.


I was finishing up the search when Alex said, “Hey, how about hammers?” How did he know? He nailed it!

Hammer time

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