Citrine Luxe Bath Bar

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Citrus and coconut all purpose soap bar enriched with Shea Butter.


  • Made with shea butter to moisturize and smooth skin
  • A gentle, moisturizing soap ideal for sensitive skin
  • Our bar soap is considered pure soap, which means that there are no detergents, no sulfates and no alcohol.
  • Soaps with a high amount of natural vegetable glycerine, like ours, are especially good for delicate skin and for children. Good for eczema.
  • Biodegradable / Hypoallergenic / Cruelty free / Made in U.S.A.

Citrus and coconut all purpose 6 oz. soap bar enriched with Shea Butter. This is the same soap as in our Luxe 1.5 oz. Guest Bar, but sized for the luxurious bath of the lord and lady of the house.

How people find us: eczema soap; natural soap; no sulfates; organic soap; gluten-free soap;

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