Horsey Girl Vanilla Soap Bar 6 oz.

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This all natural soap bar has a yummy vanilla scent appealing to all cowgirls, big and small.


  • Vanilla scent -- A toasty, warm vanilla scent. So rich and yummy, a universally loved fragrance that is both cozy and soft. Great for layering!
  • Fresh Goat's Milk Added - gentle, moisturizing soap ideal for sensitive skin.
  • USA-made 100% Pure California Soap Bar - no detergents, no sulfates and no alcohol.
  • Natural Vegetable Glycerine - good for delicate skin and for children
  • Biodegradable / Hypoallergenic / Cruelty-free / Made in U.S.A.

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Love the soap!! (Posted on )
Little Cowgirl Review by
The soap is wonderful! We had gotten our daughter some 'Cowgirl' Soap last summer from a lavender farm. She used it all up and of course wanted more. She had always called it Horsey Girl soap and when she ran out she was heart broken. I was so excited when I found Dolce Mia. It saved us a 4 hour drive to get some more from the farm. Our daughter screamed with excitement when we gave it to her. She was so excited that she had Horsey Girl soap! She loved the packing and keeps it in the bathroom. She loves taking her baths and using her Horsey Girl soap to get her nice and clean and smelling fresh! (Posted on )
Horsey Girl Review by
This is my second time purchasing the Horsey Girl Soap and my daughter loves it! My husband thinks its silly to buy a 4 year old special soap from California but it's great stuff and she loves the name and the packaging! (Posted on )
Great for Sensitive Skin! Review by
I just purchased Horsey Girl soap today, and it is AWESOME!!!
My skin is sensitive, and the soap made my skin so soft and clean.
(Posted on )

4 Review(s)

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