Dolce Mia Bath & Beauty Ingredients

We strive to find the most effective natural ingredients to use in our formulas so that each of our product benefits you and your body. Our formulations are infused with botanicals, plants, herbs, fruits, proteins, vitamins and minerals. We source the highest quality ingredients, avoid using animal by-products and do not engage in animal testing in the development of our products. 

Bar soap

Bar Soap

Our natural soaps have a high level of glycerine with no surfactants or detergents. Our bar soap contains high levels of glycerine, a natural humectant which attracts moisture to the skin. Glycerin soaps are known to have a mild ph and are gentle, moisturizing and softening. Soap made with high glycerin contents is especially good for sensitive and delicate skin, and for children. Additives such as aloe and shea butter enrich our bar soaps with soothing moisturizers.


Liquid soap

Liquid Soap 

Our Castile liquid soap (a.k.a., "body wash") lathers beautifully and leaves skin soft and smelling great.  Extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil are the base, along with a simple ingredient list and a centuries old formula to make our soap effective, gentle and moisturizing.  Crafted with natural cleansers, our liquid soap produces a luxurious lather in all water types. It rinses quickly and completely, leaving no drying residue on your skin. It is hypoallergenic making it ideal for all skin types.

Purified Water, Potassium Hudroxide, Glycerine, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Oleic Acid, F, D & C color, Fragrance




Our body lotion is a shea butter lotion that is infused with organic botanical extracts, vitamin E, almond and sunflower oil.

No Unnecessary Additives - Our lotions contain only the additives necessary to preserve the integrity of the formulation.  Our lotion is vegan and not animal-tested.

Our lotion is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Synthetic Dyes
- Triclosan

Our lotion contains the following organic botanical extracts, which benefit the skin in a multitude of ways:

Organic Sweet Almond Oil: Softens and protects skin, helping to balance water loss and support the absorption of moisture.

Organic Chamomile Extract: Soothes skin.

Organic Red Clover: Valued for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and calming, cleansing and demulcent properties.

Organic Marshmallow RootHelps with chapped skin, has anti-inflammatory properties.

Organic Oat Kernel Extract: Provides anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-itch benefits.

Organic Sunflower Seed Oil: A natural antioxidant that provides excellent emollients.

Organic Calendula Flower: The common Marigold. The flavonoids and saponins contained in extracts of the plant have been shown to promote skin healing and repair and reduce inflammations. Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, soothing and healing. Stimulates cellular regeneration.

Organic White Tea: Reduces capillary permeability and increases blood capillary resistance, consequently improving tissue irrigation & skin condition.

Organic Lavender: Lavender essential oil is adatogenic in nature, meaning that it normalizes both dry and oily conditions of the skin. Anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and skin regenerative, it is also great for sensitive or mature skin.

Organic Comfrey: Traditionally used to heal damaged skin, ulcers and chapped skin. The healing power of Comfrey is mainly due to one of its active ingredients - allantoin - a powerful cell proliferator.

Vitamin E: Derived from wheat germ and/or vegetable oils. It heals, rejuvenates, softens, soothes and protects the skin.




Hi, I have a fun story that I would love to share with you about on our new ultra-rich shampoo that made me feel really good about our new product.

I was getting my hair highlighted last week -- I've been having my hair highlighted for probably fifteen years, the last 8 by the same person, Annette. She did the coloring ... and she went to comb through my hair, to cut it. She remarked that that usually she has a little trouble getting through on the ends. . . gets a little tangled . . . . the comb is jerky and stops because my hair is damage -- certainly from all the years of color processing -- this time the comb was going through my hair smoothly.

Annette said, "You're using the same shampoo and conditioner that I gave you six months ago?"

"Actually", I said, "I've come out with some products of our own, Dolce Mia, and I've been using our samples for about three months. I use the shampoo every time I wash my hair and I've started using the conditioner as well, but the shampoo have been using consistently for about three months. She wanted to know all about it.

I explained to her that I had developed the shampoo for the hotel amenities market. I went to our soap company, which is a local family-run business like ourselves and said I needed a midline shampoo. I don't need anything real fancy but I'd like something nice. What this company makes for us already is a simple tried-and-true recipe add forgetting things clean. You do a great job with liquid soap and bar soap as well. I just said, send me some of your shampoo. I noticed it was very simple. I could have messed around with the formula and maybe added some things that are popular these days like Moroccanoil or other botanicals but I thought, you let me just try it like it is. It literally has just four ingredients. Well, I loved it and Alex loved it and my friends loved it and my mother loved it. So so we brought it into the market for the hotel world and little did I know that it would be so wonderful for such a broad audience as well.

— Jenny Mountjoy

When we set out to design a shampoo, we knew we would have a conditioner as well, so we didn't need a shampoo that would double as a conditioner. And we knew we wanted, above all, not to compromise on experience. We didn't want a shampoo that just sat there, not smelling like anything, and not feeling like anything. We wanted a fragrance we would love and look forward to, and a rich lather that would take us away. Of course, the shampoo needed to clean great too, and leave our hair shiny and ready for conditioning.

Beauty experts choosing a shampoo that is safe for colored hair, gentle and effective, look for the ingredient Tea-laurel sulfate Triethanolamine laurel sulfate, precisely because it's safe for color and produces a rich lather. There are other sulfates, used in lower end brands, which are harsh, and are not preferred by people knowlegable about skin-care. But the more expensive Tea-laurel is trusted by salon professionals for the way it complements the other factors of efficacity in a shampoo, and creates the user experience of lots of bubbles, which helps get the fragrance out into the open where you can enjoy it.

Purified water, Triethanolamine laurel sulfate, Cocamide DEA, Fragrance




Our creamy conditioner will leave hair soft, healthy and smelling great.  Enriched with Panthenol - Pro-Vitamin B5, our formula strengthens and repairs the hair shaft.  Added Vitamin E provides antioxidants that help moisturize and protect hair from environmental aggressors.  Like our lotion, our conditioner is infused with an organic herbal extract blend for a mixture of antioxidants and moisturizing herbals.

Organic Marshmallow Root: Cleansing emollient.

Organic Oat Kernel: A whole natural vegetable protein, which strengthens hair.

Organic Calendula Flower: Also known as the common Marigold to deeply nourish and condition.

Organic White Tea Leaf: Rich in flavonoids, anti-oxidants and vitamin C. Tea extract has astringent and hair smoothing properties.

Organic Chamomilla: Extract from the Chamomile flower, it moisturizes and soothes scalp.

Organic Lavender: Calming, soothing, relaxing and invigorating. Also stimulates the scalp to promote healthy, hair growth.

Organic Sweet Almond: Moisturizes and leaves a smooth feel to the hair.

Organic Comfrey: A member of the borage family, it encourages cell growth and is easily absorbed through the hair to stimulate hair growth.

Organic Clover: Soothes hair, taming flyaways. 


Instant Hand Cleanser

Instant Hand Cleanser

Our luxurious, non-dying instant hand cleanser contains aloe for moisturizing, alcohol for sanitizing, and the following organic botanical extracts for skin that feels soft and clean.

Organic Green Tea Leaf: The antioxidants packed into Green Tea makes it one of the hardest working natural ingredients in the business. Because it protects skin's cells from the daily damage caused by free radicals, Green Tea is a favorite in anti-aging formulas. It also reduces skin swelling and helps soothe and condition sensitive skin.

Organic Borage: A seed oil that is a source of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), known for restoring moisture and smoothness to dry skin. 

Organic Cornflower:  An anti-inflammatory, skin conditioning agent and astringent.

Organic Cucumber: Soothing, tightening, anti-itching, refreshing, softening, and anti-inflammatory properties. It contains amino acids and organic acids that strengthen the skin.

Organic Horsetail: An ancient, natural herb used to strengthen and soften skin.  Contains saponins, flavonoids, and silica, which are attributed to the herb’s ability to strengthen and regenerate skin tissue.

Organic Licorice:  An anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Organic Lavender:  Calming, healing and purifying – a balancing and restorative effect on skin.

Organic Peach: A cleansing emollient.

Organic Apple: A rich source of various vitamins, trace elements, and amino acids. Contains an anti-fungal constituent and reduces skin inflammation.