Time to Moisturize


Lotion loaded with shea butter & organic botanicals that quench and repair parched, dry skin

Our shea butter lotion offers a combination of a silky feeling going on the skin, quick absorption into the skin, and deep penetration into the skin, which helps it stay in through hand washings. These properties and more make Dolce Mia lotion peerless for quality, performance and experience of use. In short, it works unlike anything else. And you'll love to use it. View all


Tuberose Lotion 32 oz. RefillI am sensitive to many products, but I use this one daily on my face and neck even close to my eyes and have no problems. It is a great moisturizer but doesn't feel heavy like Nivea (use this for my legs & feet) but also is not so light that you feel like you just watered your face. I used to buy it at Costco when the company came once a year and the cost was less, but I'm hooked with the way it helps my makeup glide on better and keeps me from having to buy wax for my eyebrow powder. With older skin we have to keep things more protected and the natural oils in this cream does the trick for me but the best part is it smells good. The floral scent fades during the day so you don't have to feel like you overdid the fragrance like baby lotions do. This is a large size and if you just use it the way I do it will last you over a year.

Cockatiels Tuberose Lotion 1/4 oz.I was introduced to Dolce Mia at a Costco and was happy to find them online. This is one of my favorites. It is light and rosy and creamy. I use these toiletries as gifts and my friends and relatives really appreciate them.

Instant Hand Cleanser

An effective formula kills 99% of germs

An instant hand cleanser that doesn't leave your hands sticky and dry? Could it be? Apply a dab of our instant hand cleanser. Massage it into your hands. Let the alcohol evaporate. Now you'll notice how your hands appear moisturized and feel soft. It's our formulation, which contains organic botanicals with healing, toning, and moisturizing properties. We also add moisturizing Aloe to the mix, to complete the super-moisturizing effect. Your hands will look healthy. They will feel smooth and soft. And they'll smell great too. View all


Bamboo Fish Mango Tangerine Instant Hand CleanserI love the smell and feel of the hand cleanser and since I'm shaking people's hands all day long, I use a lot of it. It makes my hands soft and silky and I think people feel that when they shake my hand. • I love the Mango Tangerine hand sanitizer and lotion. I work at a hospital and it is great to use the sanitizer as it does not dry out your skin. • Being an elementary school teacher I come in contact with lots of germs. Your hand sanitizer is the best way for me to keep my hand clean without drying them out. Thanks!

Liquid Soaps

Our liquid soap is a Castile soap -- a true soap in a liquid form, made from pure vegetable oils, just like our bar soaps are. As with our bars, the soponafication process (soap-making) produces glycerine, which becomes the moisturizing element of the liquid soap. Castile process is the champagne of liquid-format soaps, much too expensive for most producers, because it must be made with vegetable oils, not petrolium oils or animal fats. When you use a castile soap, you notice the exceptional lather, the excellent cleaning ability, how it leavs your skin soft, luminous and great smelling. View all


Western Terra Verbena Liquid SoapI searched far and wide for a 'manly' smelling soap for my boss who is always complaining that he is tired of the flowery smelling soaps not designed for a man. He works on a ranch so I searched for something with a leathery smell to it. Your soap is fantastic!!! Not only does it smell great but it leaves the skin smooth and nourished! A lot of people (men and women) enjoy the smell of leather. I also have browsed the site and am recommending Dolce Mia's website to people I know as well as the soap my boss has for all of my cowboy friends! Dolce Mia customer service is above and beyond today's standards as well.

Reef Tropical Citrus Liquid Soap LOVE IT! My skin is sooo soft and younger looking! I'm looking forward to purchasing the Almond scent next. My hands are looking better as well, after all I am 59 years young! Thank You for a product that feels great to use!

Amethyst Floral Ambery Lavender Liquid Soap Love, love, love your products. Your products are delicate for sensitive skin and the fragrances are not over powering.

Bar Soaps

Think of your soap as the first step in moisturizing your skin. Every time you use a Dolce Mia bar soap or liquid soap, your skin is restored to healthy, moisturre rich state. Why is this? When you make soap, the process creates glycerine. We leave the glycerine in our bar soap. The result is a creamy, long-lasting bar that is exceptionally moisture-rich, and because of the glycerine, exceptionally restorative for your skin. Before you even apply our lotion after a shower, with our soap you will be already feeling healthy, soft and, with the aid of our fragrances, happy too. View all


Horsey Girl Little Cowgirl Vanilla Bar SoapRating The soap is wonderful! We had gotten our daughter some 'Cowgirl' Soap last summer from a lavender farm. She used it all up and of course wanted more. She had always called it Horsey Girl soap and when she ran out she was heart broken. I was so excited when I found Dolce Mia. It saved us a 4 hour drive to get some more from the farm. Our daughter screamed with excitement when we gave it to her. She was so excited that she had Horsey Girl soap! She loved the packing and keeps it in the bathroom. She loves taking her baths and using her Horsey Girl soap to get her nice and clean and smelling fresh!

Cockatiels Vintage Tuberose Soap BarFirst of all, it was too pretty to unwrap but I did, of course. This soap has such a quality, it lathers better than any store bought soap. It is great for sensitive skin and is non drying. The scent is soft and amazing.