Our scents are custom blended using the finest fragrance oils. Rich, delicious and luxurious...

Tropical Citrus

Citrus high notes emphasize freshness, with a hint of coconut to ground our scent in the tropics. It's a fresh take on the suntan smells we remember. View all

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The fragrant pikake flower honors a beloved Hawaiian princess legendary for her love of the fragrant jasmine blossom. Lush, delicate and exotic. View all

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Mango Tangerine

The pure, fragrant mango and tangerine are perfectly balanced in this scent ~ full of complex flavor with a tangerine high note and just sweet enough. View all

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A fresh twist on tradition, a classic floral blend with a heady addition of tuberose. A soft, sensual floral, this scent is sweetly seductive. View all

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Terra Verbena

Clean, crisp and outdoorsy, with high notes of dewy grass and lemon verbena. Calming, bold and inspiring. View all

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Simply the most irresistible vanilla scent around. Our rich vanilla is creamy, warm, velvety and subtle. View all

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Sweet Almond

Pure almond joy with a hint of sweetness. The plush almond aroma is smooth and bright with currant high notes. View all

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Ambery Lavender

An exquisitely balanced combination of flower and mineral, this scent is loaded with both vitalizing and calming aromatic qualities. View all

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