Dolce Mia Services – Affordable design, sales and ecommerce expertise for your company, vision and brand.


Design – Specializing in advertising media and packaging design for consumer product lines and  services.

Sales – Core sales skills development for company founders, executives, staff and outside sales forces.  

eCommerce – Affordable multi-channel, scalable Magento website buildouts on the cloud to meet the demanding creative and strategic needs of consumer product companies.

Real Estate Brokerage Services – Expertise with the current state of California medical cannabis law combined with 20 years’ experience as a licensed California Real Estate Broker makes us uniquely suited to identify opportunities and bring together forward-thinking parties for mutual benefit.

Filling Services – Small run filling services.  Rent time on our filling machine for a low hourly rate.  


What is Dolce Mia Services’ Unique Value?

We’ve been manufacturing design-based products in California for over 20 years.  We have extensive experience in sales to the trade (B to B: wholesale trade shows, independent sales reps) and direct-to-consumer sales (B to C: pop-up shop sales; sales through independent sales reps; special event sales in California Costco stores).  The problems you face today, your needs for product development, graphics design, business strategy, production and sales consulting are problems we have ourselves probably faced, likely more than once.  A business consultant who hasn't failed in business has nothing to offer.  We've shut our business three times, and come back three times.  How?  Creative solutions.  Design sense.  People sense.  Sales focus.  Foresight based on personal experience.  


Magento eCommerce Website Buildout Services

Affordable Magento installations to meet the demanding strategic needs of cannabis products and services businesses.

Specializing in cloud-based, scalable Magento ecommerce websites.  Forward thinking, industry-aware buildouts for cannabis product and services companies.

Magento is the best platform for your new cannabis brand. It's also typically more expensive than more cookie cutter sites which offer cheaper start-up costs but  more expensive monthly contract charges long-term.  Would you like to have more than one class of customer?  Say, consumers, and retailers?  Would you like different users to be able to interact with your website in different ways, or even have quite different views?  Such as sales representatives, stores, and individuals?  In the cannabis space, you may not be able to sell online today.  But you may be able to do someday.  In the meantime, product catalogs need to be made available to your retailers and distributors.  Wholesale orders need to be taken on line. What you want is Magento.  Dolce Mia offers expert Magento build outs for much less than you would expect.   


Real Estate Brokerage Services

Looking to lease or buy property for your medical cannabis business?  Looking to find an upstanding professional farmer for the highest and best use of your outdoor, indoor, commercial, industrial or residential property?  With the MMRSA legislation, the direction of medical cannabis law in California is clear.  Cannabis cultivation for medical purposes is becoming a business like any other, and all businesses need physical locations, favorable operating conditions, and continuity.  Dolce Mia Services offers cannabis-industry centric buy/sell/lease and consultancy services for property holders and business people.  Our services include: 

  • Contract negotiation
  • Advisory services
  • Business strategic planning
  • Tenant negotiations
  • Highest and best use
  • Property management

Alexander Mountjoy, A licensed California Real Estate broker since 1995.