Guest Amenities

Upgrade your stay with Dolce Mia Luxe TSA-friendly travel size amenities for guests and travel.

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Lotus Land Terra Verbena Conditioner 2 oz.

Refresh and revitalize your hair with Terra Verbena conditioner. Our conditioner is made in small batches and is color safe, paraben-free and full of yummy organic botanicals that deliver antioxidants and moisture for smooth, shiny, silky hair. Learn More

Lotus Land Terra Verbena Guest Bar 1.5 oz.

Travel-size version of our Terra Verbena bath bar. Think crisp, clean countryside. A deep-woods hike. This unisex scent really gives you the lay of the land. Rich, moisturizing lather and high glycerin content leaves skin soft, smooth and subtly scented. Learn More

Lotus Land Terra Verbena Shea Butter Lotion 1/2 oz.

Our natural shea butter lotion delivers the ultimate moisture experience, sinking in deep and staying put, even after washing your hands. Organic botanicals nourish and improve your skin’s texture and tone. Learn More

Lotus Land Terra Verbena Body Wash 2 oz.

Our all-natural Castile liquid soap cleans, refreshes and moisturizes all skin types, thanks to gentle-but-effective olive and coconut oils and a centuries-old formulation. A sensual treat at the sink, our beautifully designed liquid soap transforms a humdrum task to a happy-place getaway. Learn More

Guest Amenities

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