Guest Amenities

Upgrade your stay with Dolce Mia Luxe TSA-friendly travel size amenities for guests and travel.

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Paradise Floral Tuberose Natural Liquid Soap 2 oz. Travel Size

Our all-natural Castile liquid soap cleans, refreshes and moisturizes all skin types, thanks to gentle-but-effective olive and coconut oils and a centuries-old formulation. A sensual treat at the sink, our beautifully designed liquid soap transforms a humdrum task to a happy-place getaway. Our two-ounce size is perfect for your on-the-go life. Learn More

Paradise Floral Tuberose Conditioner 2 oz.

The ultra-feminine, super-glamorous Tuberose gets the star treatment in our strengthening, protecting, repairing conditioner. Our natural formulation is color-safe and paraben-free—and will leave everyone wondering, “How’d she get that hair?” Learn More

Paradise Floral Tuberose Guest Bar 1.5 oz.

The Paradise Floral travel bar is a riot of blooms, scented with an unmistakable vintage-glam Tuberose top note. Get gorgeous with a creamy, silky, sexy lather and leave behind a sweetly scented trail that will make everyone want just a little more. Learn More

Paradise Floral Tuberose Shampoo 2 oz.

Your first step in a great hair day, every day. Our ultra-rich shampoo has lovely lather, fab fragrance and is kind on color, too. Learn More

Guest Amenities

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