Surfer Girl Mango Tangerine Hawaiian Soap Bar 6 oz.

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Beachy and refreshing, our all-natural, all-purpose bar soap is enriched with aloe and tinged with the tropical scent of mango tangerine. Creamy and delicious, this one is sure to soothe your skin after a day at the beach. Surfer approved!


  • Mango Tangerine is the smell of sunshine, optimism and the tropics. So fresh, sweet and juicy!
  • This is a tried-and-true soap: cast like gold bars in individual molds, using a traditional family recipe. It’s unusual to make soap this way, these days!
  • Our bar soap is considered pure soap, which means that there are no detergents, no sulfates and no alcohol.
  • The natural process by which we create our soap leaves it high in glycerin, which makes it ideal for delicate or sensitive skin, eczema and children.
  • Biodegradable / Hypoallergenic / Cruelty-free / Made in U.S.A.

Reviews for Surfer Girl Mango Tangerine Hawaiian Soap Bar 6 oz.

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Worth Fighting Over Review by
My daughter opened it and it was in my bathroom and I tried it and I felt like I could eat it. It left my skin really soft. The next night I came to take a bath and it was missing. My daughter had stolen it. It was in her shower. I was really mad! (Posted on )
Great Value Review by
My husband and I love your liquid and bar soap! It's the best we have tried. A great value too. (Posted on )
Great for Everyone Review by
I haven't used it yet but my son and daughter-in-law love it. I like the other bar soaps a lot. My husband gets migraines from perfumes, msg, etc. and loves your soap also not only because of its ingredients but it's great for his sensitive dry skin. I haven't purchased anything I don't like and plan on buying more from you in the future. (Posted on )

3 Review(s)

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