Surfer Girl Mango Tangerine Liquid Hawaiian Soap 12 oz.

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Our all-natural Castile liquid soap cleans, refreshes and moisturizes all skin types, thanks to gentle-but-effective olive and coconut oils and a centuries-old formulation. A sensual treat at the sink, our beautifully designed liquid soap transforms a humdrum task to a happy-place getaway.


  • Our Mango Tangerine scent is the smell of sunshine, optimism and the tropics. So fresh and sweet and juicy!
  • Natural Castile Soap (olive- and coconut-oil based).
  • Leaves skin silky-smooth and refreshed, thanks to a quick and complete rinse.
  • Luxurious lather in all water types.
  • Biodegradable and hypoallergenic.
  • Paraben, detergent, cruelty and naughty sulfate-free.

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So Wonderful! Review by
I have to thank you so much for your wonderful Mango Tangarine Surfer Soap that is in our restroom here at O'Reilly! I've been watching the soap levels disappear... I think everyone, even strangers, enjoy it. It fills the whole bathroom with a wonderful fragrance and the soap's scent lingers on the skin waaaaay afterward. Sometimes, I feel I can even taste it... gingery-spicy notes! When we first put it in the bathroom last week, it was the first distraction and thing to look forward to at work! It even feels different. It is so wonderful... I wasn't expecting any soap to do that. (Posted on )
Vintage Flamingo Review by
I love it and will be re-ordering as soon as I even start to run out. I used to work at the Vintage Flamingo in San Anselmo and fell in love with it there. I use the bar soap, liquid soap & lotion. (Posted on )

2 Review(s)

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